Ophelia Noor
  • Just finished working on a book about the Fab Lab and makers' movement (France & Intl) with Camille Bosqué and Laurent Ricard. Publication date : Autumn 2014
  • Member of the Graffiti Research Lab France | @GRLFR We were in residence at La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris (centre for the digital arts) from may 2013 to april 2014.
  • Co-founder of the maker faire a la française : Open Bidouille Camp (OBC) project | @bidouillecamp
  • Journalist, Photographer, Editor & Project Coordinator at OWNI.FR [Oct. 2010- Jan. 2013] A news magazine dedicated to digital cultures, politics and datajournalism.
  • Co-authored an E-book on the history of the hacker movement. It is available (in french) on Amazon, Fnac, Apple and OwniShop : "Hackers, bâtisseurs depuis 1959" (Hackers, makers since 1959). Owni Éditions. Nov. 2012. Postfaced by Mitch Altman.
  • Events Coordinator (>7 years experience for french and international projects, in France & abroad). Also trained as an Assistant Director & Production Manager for films & tv.