Ophelia Wen

I'm Ophelia :-). I'm a student at CSUF with a double major in accounting and ISDS. I help my family manage their furniture company, Modern Furniture, a very small furniture business in the heart of Rosemead. If you ever wanted heavily inspired and high quality replicas of styles like Barcelona and Le Corbusier furniture, you know where to find it :-).

People say I have a nice smile (honking my own horn here). I actually used to never smile, and in pictures, I was always the one staring awkwardly into the camera like T__T. When I was faking it, I hated my smiles. But when I do smile, it comes from the heart.... and can I tell you what makes me smile for-real?

What puts a smile on my face even when things don't go my way is my relationship with God. I found Christ when I was fifteen years old in 2008 and life has never been the same. It's like the life I was living before was in black and white, and every day was about getting by and doing what I was 'supposed' to do, and what people expected of me. After I found Him, every day started to overflow with purpose and meaning.

Religion doesn't define me, people's opinions don't define me, and my accomplishments don't define me. Christ defines me. Christ is alive, and you can have a relationship with Him too. I know this sounds crazy, but could it hurt to try :-)?

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