Ophelia Wen


I'm currently a senior at CSUF majoring in accounting and information systems because I love business. Your girl is also Membership Chair for Accounting Society in Spring 2015 =].

My family owns a furniture company called Modern Furniture. I help manage the store website, which is our condensed online catalog. We have a great line of contemporary furniture, including a line of inspired Barcelona and Le Corbusier furniture.

I help my mom manage customer relations and will help my family start doing their bookkeeping in the future as well

Working out keeps me balanced. I started exercising regularly when I was 15, and have never looked back. Yoga and blogilates are, like, my life. I've been trying to take up running. Keyword: trying


When things don't go my way, what puts a smile on my face is my relationship with Jesus. My faith gives me purpose in life... the idea that God has a purpose for you, and that the world would be worse off if you don't fulfill that purpose.


I also volunteer my time (when I have reliable internet) at 7 Cups of Tea to lend an ear to people who need someone to talk to. Click here for my profile if you ever want to schedule a convo - it's free!