Thomas Jones

I've spent the past 14 years of my life in information technology spanning both public and private sectors. While I hold 7 IT certifications and thoroughly enjoy working with products at the forefront of technology, my true passion is rooted in my ability to influence the law and policy that frame its usage, primarily in an effort to defend our rights in the digital world.

Digital civil liberties are a delicate balance and constant struggle between code and law. Our current cyberlaws, and approach to cyber-lawmaking, have shown to be problematic and at times wholly ineffective. By using an enterprise information security architecture as a foundation to effective cyberlaw, I believe we can explore a public policy framework that addresses a technical ecosystem with an integrated, technical context.

My academic pursuits will also explore the Internet not as a network of networks, but rather as a freely available publishing platform. The concept of the Internet as a Publisher is intruiging.

As our Internet matures, we must promote open standards and open data, properly leverage cyberlaw and cyber-lawmaking between government and its citizens, and honestly address the globalization of this unparalleled resource.

My background includes a B.S. in Information Science from UNC Chapel Hill, a C.A.S. in Information Systems and Telecommunications Management from Syracuse University iSchool, and in 2015 I will begin a Masters in Studies of Law at Wake Forest University Law School focusing in Internet Law.