Pamela Vozza

IN A NUTSHELL. Without exception, the word all my friends would use to describe me is "creative". Doesn't matter if I'm working on a fundraiser, planning a Girl Scout field trip or hosting parents night out - I want the best turnout possible, for everyone to have a great time and to be talking about the event afterward.

PROFESSIONALLY. I express that creativity by planning and envisioning corporate marketing and communication campaigns for a local government agency where I am a Digital Communications Officer. Recent milestones, which I'm particularly proud of, include drafting our agency's social media policies and launching our e-communcations and social media presence.

HOW'D I GET HERE? I grew up wanting to teach elementary school because I loved the enthusiasm of children, the unique way they see the world. They ask great questions, don't they? Instead I took art classes and spent four years in business school.

PERSONALITY? YOU COULD SAY THAT. I am a tree-hugging paleo-vegan, technology-loving, sci-fi watching geek girl who can't live without her iPhone. The corner coffee house. School supplies. My Kindle. World beat music. Oh, and killer iPad apps! Yeah, that about covers it! In my spare time, I run a home-based Avon business with my daughter & lead up "Team Lipstick" (a team of dynamic women who are empowering themselves through entrepreunrial efforts.

FOR FUN. Activities that get me really stoked include making amazing raw vegan pies, CrossFit WODs and mud-run obstacle course races. Yeah, I don’t look it, but I’m a little bit crazy like that.