Pat Lambert

"He's great, I mean off the charts. He is a kid that gets things done and is relentless, tireless and brilliant."

-KEVIN S. BRIGHT, Executive Producer of "Friends" (NBC)

"He is incredibly present, passionate, eager and astute in the field of entertainment news. Over the years we have worked with the best Emersonians and Pat is amongst the best. In the news area, he may be THE best."

-KEVEN UNDERGARO, Executive Producer "AfterbuzzTV"/ Manager- Maria Menounos

"Pat is top notch. I think he is incredible. I really think this kid is great!!"

-DR. JACQUELINE LIEBERGOTT, Emerson College President


With experience in national media, radio, television and film, I am a charismatic addition to any team, with great work ethic, energy and fun. 

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