I'm Patty & I'm guessing you're here to learn more about me...

Most of my time, I'm at Viacom as a Trends & Strategy Manager - keeping my finger on the pulse of culture and crafting narratives about the bigger sea changes that are changing our desires, beliefs, and behaviors.

I have passion for finding and following these cultural movements, building insights and strategic solutions, and seeing them creatively executed to meet challenges and opportunities for partnering brands.

I like to think I'm a good balance of left and right brained - and my background reflects that: Research, Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy, Editorial, Digital, Art, and Production.

My previous experience includes work with MTV, VICE, Current TV, and Creative Time.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and thinking about what's happening in this time of flux within culture, business, technology, and human development.

I'm a member of the DailyCandy Scout Society – a select group of influencers, tastemakers, and trendspotters that share lifestyle discoveries in real time with an influential audience of 6mm+ women. I also curate a fashion inspiration blog.

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