Paul Barron

As a passionate food and web technology expert, producer & filmmaker, entrepreneur, speaker, author, global event creator, and mentor for the restaurant and hospitality space. I connect consumers, technology and brands to help invoke the next shift in business for restaurant and hospitality.

As an industry trendspotter and Founder of,, and DigitalCoCo, I have spent the past 20 years studying restaurants and consumer interactions within the industry.

In September 2013, we launched, a new era of food media for operators and foodies alike. My goal is simple: to connect the New Age consumer and restaurant operator with content and social connectivity to change the hospitality industry.

Foodable WebTV Network currently has a National blog, 15 local blogs & Top 25 Restaurant rankings, and ten video channels revolving around a variety of verticals in the industry – from marketing and trends, to chefs and operators. We expect to double our content to more that 450 high quality episodes ea year.

Additionally, we have created the most expansive Social Media Index for the global restaurant & hospitality business, an industry that represents more than $1.5 trillion in revenue, with digital connections to consumers and trade hovering around the $35 billion mark in 2013. The Restaurant Social Media Index, combined with a new model of content, social audience and social science will help to define the future of hospitality.

As the author of the first book on the Fast Casual Restaurant business and how it connects with this new consumer culture, The Chipotle Effect is about the changing landscape of the American social restaurant consumer. We’re entering a new