Paul Harper

Currently enrolled MA War in the Modern World at Kings College London.

My current interests are in how to respond to complex urbanization, littoralization and connectedness globally. (Kudos to David Killcullen for the concepts.) Also interested in improving the use of open source technologies for development, disaster management and the protection of human rights workers and journalists.

Born in Australia, I grew up in Canada with English parents. I've worked in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, The Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sudan and Cambodia.

Until recently Information Security Officer with the United Nations. Previously employed as a UN Security Officer, a Queensland Correctional Officer, a New South Wales Police Special Constable and a British Territorial Army Paratrooper.

Comments on social networks are my own and do not reflect the views of any other organisation or employer.

GIAC Certified Incident Handler:

Member of Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Associate Member Free Software Foundation:

Debian Gnu/Linux user: