Paul Naylor

At 42 I still don't think I've found my groove, though in all honesty I stopped looking for it a few years ago when I found my happiness mojo instead. In 2010 our family took a leap of faith and chose to reboot our lives when we moved from the safety of the familiar, Nottinghamshire, to deep North Wales with the coast only 7 minutes drive away (we timed it)

I firmly belive life will lead me where I need to be, regardless of whether it suddenly veers in a new direction or takes me on a roller coaster of downs as well as the ups and as long I give out kidness then it will return the favour back.

Everything else will happen regardless and I will still be here next week, next month and next year. I will be the same person and I will always be the same, sometimes annoying, cup half full type of guy and I will still love the people I love.