Paul Reynolds
I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I like to be creative and create useful, interesting things for myself and clients all over the world. Primarily I do this by creating professional quality software that leverages my experience in the video game and publishing industries. I have developed numerous mobile, web, and desktop applications in a variety of programming languages and frameworks. (If rocks had a programming language, I'd write rock code too.) My diverse background and skill set have brought me unique opportunities such as making cutting edge interactive exhibits and exceedingly high quality mobile games. Aside from my software consulting business, I co-founded a community driven news site as well as the only coworking space and startup accelerator in my local area. I think it's safe to say I live a life like nobody else and there's never a boring day. I was Southern born and raised but I have lived in Chicago, San Diego, and Seattle. I travel to the West Coast frequently to work directly with clients. I am also utilizing my experiences and contacts to cultivate a community for local knowledge workers and establish Myrtle Beach as a serious consideration for technology companies and start-ups.