Peter Thomas

Level 26. Taurus. Year of the Rabbit. I am a natural born leader and independent thinker. Success is not an option, it is a requirement.

I specialize in blogging, business, editing, social media, video games, networking, and technology. I am a visionary with plenty of great ideas to help jump start your business. Don't have a mission or vision? We can develop it together. Please reach out to me, and let us collaborate on tomorrow's newest phenomenon. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me - near or far; networking is key in today's world, and you never know what I might stumble across that will benefit your current endeavors.

I am currently working as the Construction Project and Budget Supervisor at the world headquarters of GNC located in my hometown. I'm managing employees while maintaining a corporate database that was home grown from the ground up. It has been a challenging and cerebral experience.

In my free time, I continually look for ways to further my education, professionalism and talents. I started a brand new channel over on Twitch/YouTube where I broadcast my game playing live, while talking about them on a very critical/analytical level. Also, I volunteer at, support, and endorse programs like the Video Game Voters Network, the ESA, and Child's Play Charity.

Best of all, I'm achieving my goals and dreams one day at a time, while creating new and exciting opportunities both for me, and those around me.