Pete Vellucci Jr

Born in Waterbury, Connecticut and raised in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, Pete has spent much of his adult life moving around the Northeast in an almost gypsy-like fashion; along the way he fell in love with Boston--during his time residing in the area--and he very much hopes to settle there someday. A self-proclaimed "indie creative" with a focus on writing and game design, Pete's lifelong dream has simply been for recognition of his efforts. His first book, My Best Friend with Wings, is the most personal project he's ever undertaken: a creative non-fiction memoir chronicling his inability to deal with the death of a best friend. Pete believes the telling of this tale has been the most important expression of his life thus far. He's looking forward to a less emotionally taxing endeavor with his next project, which he expects to be a full force production in video game development.

Pete's personal website, where information can be found on completed and ongoing projects:

For a free, two chapter sample of My Best Friend with Wings, which can be read either in browser or downloaded as a PDF, please visit