Phelim Kelly

IRELAND BORN, Spain educated and Chelsea, London, based since 1989.

Phelim graduated in 1997 with a First in Information Management / Publishing from a London University. His Erasmus studies were spent at the University of Granada, Spain.


In an Oxford Street school Phelim once taught/learnt from a well-known entertainer! But that was only because both, being English language teachers, had been dragged before the Principal for retraining.

Up until recently he could be found in a Worcester, London, Chelmsford or Belfast class as he was a supply teacher.

In 2014/15 he volunteered to teach for Vaughan Systems, Madrid.


In 2011, Phelim broke out of his comfort zone. He accompanied some of his ex-pupils to an open audition, seeking Russians/East Europeans, for a period drama feature film. But it was he who got cast, though - in the end - not being featured! Months later he thought, "If I can get cast in that, what else could I get cast in?"

2012 and 2013 saw him being featured in commercials, docs, features, short films, music videos, virals, trailers and a tv series. In the summer of 2014 he became a professional actor.

Characters Phelim has portrayed, on film, are wide ranging. They include named roles as gangsters (Kaz in, "Gatwick Gangsters," and Paddy in, "Three Stops Down from Plaistow") to psychoanalysts (inc. Dr Campbell in, "Obsession") and priests (such as Father Peter in, "Abrakadabra") to a gigolo (such as Eric in, "Barbie"), and even a time traveller (Allistair Hounslow in, "Time Piece").

He has also played the role of businessman, dancer, father and journalist, each several times, in not only films but in an array of music videos. So, can Phelim be in your next production? If so, e-mail him at today.


Phelim also writes for London, UK, EU, USA and India publications.

He mainly juggles his limited writing time between being a European Travel Editor, a UK Arts Correspondent and London Social Scheduler for several publications. These cover art, events, music and even select venues which serve good tea.

Photo: Scotland, somewhere between Edinburgh and Loch Ness