Philippe C Grandbois

Although he started out as a part time bartender while getting his business degree from University of Waterloo, upon meeting him, you will soon realize that sober business suits and drab boardrooms were not in the cards for Phil.

His ardor for all things creative and adventurous in hospitality quickly led him from bartender, to General Manager at the age of 19, to part owner at 20 years old. His exploratory nature took him to Europe, Australia, across Canada and the U.S., where he learned all about the grand essentials of happiness: drinks, food, friends, and adventure. What most people don't know about Philippe is that under his clean-cut appearance is an array of tattoos that he has gotten during his travels. They are all in script, each procured in a different country, and each one with a twin tattoo on the body of a friend he has met whilst travelling. Even though the tattoos might be hidden, the kind of guy that forges deep connections is always on full display.

Passionate about quality food, refined drinks, exceptional people, and even visual design! In fact, he confesses to sitting in front of the Art of Asia exhibit in the Glenbow Museum to check his email because of the Zenlike joy of the art on display. He also works with the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Calgary (MOCA) to plan and host various stylish and exciting events. A sought-after marketer, analyst, brand manager and consultant, it is safe to say that Phil is the guy that you want to know. "Balance" says Phil "is the key to a refined cocktail and good business". He believes that the delicate equilibrium between sweetness and tartness can be achieved only by using fresh ingredients. Philippe is passionate about slow food; fresh drinks; and optimizing his industries; one drink, one brand, and one opportunity at a time.

With weekends spent mountaineering in the Rockies, his zealous nature surpasses professional ambition. "A goal I have for the future is to climb Mount Everest". Clearly, his passion for climbing equals his passion for business, and both have served him well. Phil believes "all great days start in the mountains, and end with city lights and a good drink" Distilling Philippe Grandbois might not be entirely possible, but I would say he is a perfectly balanced cocktail of Intrigue, Excitement, and Passion.

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