Why choose one passion when there are so many exciting things out there?

Hello World! I’m a versatile digital artist and tutor passionate about living my creativity – with my main focus on everything film and digital.

I hold an acadepic degree of Mag. (FH) in 3D Animation and VFX from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Applied Arts, and also a Master’s degree in Arts and Design. So I guess I’ve learned my ropes ;)

I have many passions in addition to my work in the field of color grading and visual effects (you can find some of that stuff also on vimeo): I have a YouTube channel with lots of different stuff, I’m an avid teacher and tutor, I enjoy computer & video games, I’m into photography and other forms of art such as painting pixels (yes, on canvas), or creating fonts. Also I really have fun writing stories as I like writing programs and games.

Also, I enjoy making music and in general I just love being creative. Well, and I blog too every once in a while when hell freezes over.

Currently I work as digital colorist for Red Bull Media and others. I also freelance and am interested in a number of exciting projects, whatever it may be.