Phong Tran

My name is Phong Tran and I work in the wonderful world of educational entertainment. The kind of exciting content that is holistically created in a place where ideas can come from every corner of the office. I work on the marketing side but I truly appreciate the entire process from game development to communications. I am the founder of Thumbtack Games and I created it to publish Overflow, a puzzle card game I designed. One day it will be kickstarted. I am big a fan of the UFC, and DIY projects. If you’d like to speak about education, games or any of my hobbies, you can e-mail me at or use the button below. Feel free to check out my social buttons below. The Wordpress link is Thumbtack Games' official blog. I may be bicycling around the city or playing board games with family or friends so if I don’t answer, feel free to leave a message.