Jane the Phoole

I'm a Court Fool, laugher, writer, show-director, historical-clothes-maker, skillz-teacher, goof-off-er, odd-thing-knower, bad-monkey-collector, motivator, interactive player, humorist, comedian, author, teacher, DJ spinning TurboFunk, Electro-House and Progressive House, and the Official Municipal Jester of the City of Milwaukee!

Jane the Phoole Things:
- My Smile Mask is by Mask-Master Jeff Semmerling of Semmerling and Schaefer Studios! You're never fully-dressed without a smile - so get yours here!
- I know how to say "bad monkey" in over 120 different languages! I have a Blague where you can keep up with my adventures!
- Play with me at upcoming events! Buy Phoole gear!
- Jane the Phoole's FaceBook page is here!

Book Things:
- I wrote a book! It's called Easy Street: a Guide for Players in Improvised Interactive Environmental Performance, Walkaround Entertainment, and First-Person Historical Interpretation, and you can get it here!
- Easy Street's FaceBook page is here!

DJ Things:
- DJ Phoole is on FaceBook here!
- My demo mix sets are on MixCloud here!
- Meet me in the chatroom at the Ideal ClubWorld here!

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