Phill 'H' -Wilks......................

Hi, my name is Phil – I'm English, old and I live in Germany.

Quote: "Everybody's in the place lets go" - Liam Howlett.

Motto: "Either it worked or it didn't" - Phill (me)

Here are twenty things about me.

Phil's sentient being:

1. I am happily married and not looking for an online romance.
2. I am a dad and the lego bricks I sort through are generally pink.
3. I have three dogs and finance no. 12's horse

Digital footprints:

4. I do twitter. This linked to one of my main twitter account
5. I use facebook (mostly with people that I know in RL)
6. I pin stuff on pinterest ( even fashion & nails - remember my lego is pink!)
7. Experiment with synth & sampler apps (figure & finger baseline) and upload these to soundcloud.

8. I dabble with these two: WordPress & typo3
9. I read lots on my kindle (mostly scfi, zombie, virus, disease, end of the world horror) - I recommend 'Autumn' series from David Moody. It's also available in German called 'Herbst'

Active activities

10. Am an aspiring wakeskater (it’s a long term project) My home cable is Paderborn - I fall in quite often and spend most of my sessions swimming! I blog my daily progression.
11. Prefer traditional rock and sun rock to snowy peaks
12. Gave up running because my knees are buggered
13. Try to ride my bike everyday to work

Other past times

14. Fire three shot bursts on Killzone on my PS
15. Music from Grooverider, Fabio, Fabric, Roots Manuva, Prodigy, Massive Attack & Kittypryde
16. Rather be camping than sat in a hotel.
17. Like art from Kofie
18. Watched Allen Carr's video and stopped smoking
19. I used to use 410 kW to boil a pot of water!
20. #this was filled

Clever people and stalkers will trace through m