Pieter van de Glind

Since I discovered Collaborative Consumption thanks to Rachel Botman's TED talk, it took over all of my time. I completed my master thesis research on the consumer potential of Collaborative Consumption in August 2013 (Dutch summary). It is presented on various occasions among which an EU public hearing. During the research I became a global curator for collaborativeconsumption.com and co-founded ShareNL, the Dutch platform for Collaborative Consumption. I also founded Tuintjedelen, a Dutch garden sharing platform.

I would describe myself as a connector, integrator and facilitator of human exchange at all levels. Building bridges between people, political and private institutions, disciplines and cultures excites me. My ambition is to let Collaborative Consumption go mainstream by turning this excitement into action. I do this by connecting and integrating people and organizations, by (re)searching and writing, by giving talks and workshops, and first and foremost, by sharing. Current projects I'm working on are Amsterdam Sharing City and a business book.

Besides all this, I love to explore cities and mountain ranges across the world. I also like to hear from you!