Anselm Pi Rambla

Founder and President of international research & exploration society Bohic Ruz Explorer. Native of Catalonia (Spain), researcher, explorer, expert on ancient symbology and specialist in ancient cultures, has completed numerous archaeological, anthropological and ecological studies for more than 30 years, covering unknown aspects of our evolution and studies of questions relative to our history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries. Since 1982 he has completed expeditions and explorations in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, and has sailed the yacht, Bohic Ruz, on different occasions, to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific, and the Caribean Ocean in collaboration with various international organizations. He has worked with the World Wildlife Fund Peru on different projects to protect and preserve wildlife. He has collaborated with the Peruvian Government on important endeavors relating to Peru's national cultural heritage. His latest project "the tunnels of the Incas" attempts to resolve that it's hidden within the Andes.