Polly Jones...

Who I am: 

Internet Junkie, tech/gadget info sponge, loves social media and promises to try to use her powers only for good!

Mom of four, lover of nature, into Wordpress websites, marketing, social media, meeting new people, travel, food, emerging technology, teaching myself to code, music and too many other things to list! (and peacocks, obviously)

What I do:            I call it Online Presence Management

I assist  small business owners with marketing their business online, including Wordpress website design & management and social media strategy & management. I love helping clients get a foothold on the internet, and examine all the possibilities open to them. I work with them to develop and implement a workable strategy to meet their goals. I develop websites, edit blog posts, copywrite, post to multiple sites for the client, tweet, and curate content for my clients. Most businesses don’t have the time or the desire to do it all themselves, and working in tandem proves to be the perfect solution. For some, hiring me to do it all is the perfect solution. For others, it’s learning how to do it all.

I’m flexible; I want what is best for your business!

I consider every client a friend. That’s my favorite part :)