Precious de Leon

My interests are in marketing, consumer technology, current affairs, evolution of media, digital and sustainable living. Most recently I've been consumed by the study of Big Data and how it will affect consumers from a marketing and sales perspective.

As a business journalist, I believe in the media's responsibility not just to aggregate information but to analyse details subjectively and show different perspectives that create the fuller picture.

I work with a number of titles, focusing on niche categories such as marketing, business, consumer finance and socio-economic issues.

As a copywriter, I work with SMEs on their corporate communications platforms. This includes developing and editing marketing collateral and content. Clients come from a variety of sectors, including healthcare, advertising, cloud computing and insurance.

Hailing from The Philippines, I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, following a 14-year stint in Dubai, UAE. This has given me the opportunity to collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. My love for the written word and appetite for learning led me to journalism.

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