Isidro Quintana

"I am a person with an innate ability to create, so create is my main hobby and profession, creative in all my being, I am also a dreamer and a warrior, so I try to soak up from the teachings of the greatest masters who once had the courage to be like so and succeed. I consider myself a compulsive self-taught and entrepreneur. My prayer is that the impossible is possible and the unachievable is achievable. I have converted all about science, technology, art, creativity and innovation in my daily learning and my culture. I have faith in people and I really believe in their union and progress.

Certifed in graphic design and audiovisual communication with a specialization in art direction. Professionally I have been 10 years dedicated to the world of audiovisual creation, although in fact I have been creating lifelong. I worked on the full range of audiovisual creation world, but my specialty is 3D animation, motion design and visual effects. Now I have a couple of years undertaken in the wonderful world of videogames. I teach at the Universidad Europea de Canarias and I feel an insatiable need to help make the world a better place, so I usually get involved in all projects with innovative sense and the reason because I make an altruistic work for social awareness at highschools."

I was speaker at TEDx Canarias "ideas worth spreading" with the talk "We will be, who we want to be"

Specialties: Art Direction, Game design and Gamification, 3D Character setup and Rigging, Skinning, motion graphic/design, compositing and visual effects (VFX)