peter scharfenberger says:

! proclamation for the traditional fruittree landscapes of EUROPE, NORTHERN AFRICA/ NEAR EAST area! we need a future contract for these continent overspanning agricultural way of living!

NÜRTINGEN / GERMANY october, 30. 2014 - the traditional fruittree landscapes are a precious and charming part of our common greater-mediterranean ( european-northern african and near eastern) cultural history. they are as a way of agriculturing and its lifestiyle applications nation and continent overspanning. in historical, ecological and living social-cultural concerns - for example home / gastronomy food quality, harvesting traditions, festivals, etc. - they are real world heritage.

i hereby boldly and confident proclaim to the public: traditional organic fruittree orchards and fruittree landscapes of BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, particularely in the greater REGION of STUTTGART, as a outstanding part of the tradtitional fruittree landscapes of the greater mediterranean space will be accepted and honoured as UNESCO world culture heritage among their partner regions within 15 years.....

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i am a freelancer. still health care professional. teach gymnastics and tai chi chuan. i run passionate a small agricultural busines ( fruittrees/ fruittree pruning, woodcraft, herbs, honeybees ). Enjoy entrepreneural thinking and acting.