peter scharfenberger says:

! proclamation for the fruittree landscapes of EUROPE !

october, 30. 2014 - the traditional fruittree landscapes of EUROPE are in ecological and social-cultural concerns equal precious to world heritage regions and goods in other world regions. i hereby boldly and confident proclaim to the public: traditional organic fruittree orchards and fruittree landscapes of BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, particularely in the greater REGION of STUTTGART, as a outstanding part of the tradtitional fruittree landscapes of EUROPE, will be accepted and honoured as UNICEF world culture heritage within 15 years.

please, visit our traditional fruittree regions whenever you like it....come and enjoy our unique mix of high tech, culture, beautiful cultural molded landscapes and european wildlife. spend time with the people, great gastronomy, spa...why not some tai chi among appletrees....or what ever you like. for your first impression try the links below.

i myself run a small agricultural busines ( fruittrees/ fruittree pruning, woodcraft, herbs, honeybees ), teach gymnastics and tai chi chuan. i am former freelancing healthcare professional.