peter says:

i love to live and feel deep interest for human and ecological affairs. i am a christian, trust my lord and the human intelligence.

apart my medical first profession as a freelancing occupational therapist in the fields of motorsensory and mental developement i passionate run a small fruittree pruning busines and enjoy teaching that art. my service is mainly available in the region of STUTTGART / GERMANY. i started learning about landscape and green architecture. allways awake for agricultural and touristic concerns i guess to be an active part in a kind of "DIRDP" / decentralized interdisciplinary regional developement project....or so ;-)

today - october, 30. 2014 - i hereby boldly and confident post to the public: the traditional fruittree orchards and landscapes of baden-württemberg / greater region of stuttgart, as a outstanding part of the tradtitional fruittree landscapes in middle and eastern-middle of europe, will be accepted as UNICEF world culture heritage within 15 years.

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