peter scharfenberger says:

! proclamation for the traditional fruittree gardens and - landscapes of europe !

NÜRTINGEN / GERMANY october, 30. 2014

hereby i confidently suggest this to whom it will concern: the traditional organic fruittree gardens and fruittree landscapes of BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG are an outstanding part of the tradtitional fruittree landscapes of EUROPE. these, together !, shall be accepted and honoured as "UNESCO world culture heritage" within 15 years.

these traditional fruittree gardens and landscapes are precious and charming aspects of our common european and greater mediterranean cultural history. these european silvo-pastural/mixed farming gardens - compareable to those in areas of northern africa, middle east and black sea region - still are part of the material basis for a way of - mostly small sized and family run - mixed agriculturing, it's cultural traditions and lifestyle implications. this treasure in living social-cultural concerns is all human heritage. a widely threatened heritage ! therefore:

! we need a future-contract for this social- and agricultural treasure of mankind !

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my profession: freelancing teacher in various fields of health care/adult education. i run passionate a small agricultural busines. so i like entrepreneural thinking and acting.