Rachel   J. Peterson
I work with other people's words, words that need help. Editor. For students, I have simplified the overwhelming essay. Add tutor. Before that was scripting and producing stories, and interviewing on the air. Nothing huge. Local stuff. I dabbled. Had fun. Add scriptwriter, producer, play reviewer, radio host. My addiction, like chocolate, I need like air. It's all words. Crazy, spontaneous stuff --known to happen. Narrative happens. So do thought streams. Add writer. Need more commas. ...What's your story?... In 2004, Rachel Peterson fell into, and in love with, tutoring English, and since 2008 has periodically helped as an Instructional Assistant in the English as a Second Language department at Camosun College. In 2012, she segued to editing e-novels. She still keeps her hand in local videomaking because the fun never leaves! She holds a post-degree Diploma in Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria.