Radek Pazdera

Hi, I’m Radek, a 24 years young open source enthusiast based in London.

I got my formal education in CS at the Brno University of Technology (graduated in 2013). However, my passion for computer programming is much older than that. It all started more than a decate ago with small adventures in Delphi and HTML. A lot has changed since I was 12, although my interest in software engineering only grew stronger.

Starting early in 2012 until late 2013, I had the privilege to be a part of Red Hat. I worked there as a developer of the LNST framework within the kernel-qe team. In mid-2012, I started working on a project within the ext4 file system with Lukas Czerner. My goal was to optimize the way it stores directories on disk.

There are also several open projects I developed myself. The latest addition being fsgraph, a tool for file systems benchmarking and analysis. The languages I use the most are C, C++, Python, Ruby, and Bash. You can find out more about my projects at my website: linuxwell.com.

After almost two years with Red Hat, I made the decision to move to London and enter the world of startups. In October 2013 I joined Kano – a company developing open-source based computer kits for everyone. My role here is a software engineer and with a team of amazing people, we’re on a mission to make learning computer programming fun and accessible to anyone.

Besides computers, I am an avid reader, a guitar player (more than 7 years), and regular runner. I enjoy longboarding, snowboarding, and many other sports that require using a board (not waterboarding though).