Ralph Art Photography
My name is Ralph de Pagter. I grew up in several towns and picked up photographing in an early age. I remember my first plastic Minolta camera with a ridiculous large orange release button on top of it. After I had made a picture of a dying pony in the Ardennes in Belgium, I instantly knew it looked pretty good, with nice dramatic light, made in cold and rainy conditions. I remember that moment very clearly. After high school and a year in the army I attended the Art Academy in Tilburg and graduated as a 1st degree teacher. But I did not felt the urge to become a schoolteacher as a starting point in my working career. For several years I was more inspired to earn a living as a freelancer in several disciplines. I always kept on photographing, besides my logistical and quality driven orientated jobs in several industrial companies. I now experience a comfortable balance in working in a high-tech company as logistic quality engineer, and investing time and effort in my personal skills as professional photographer and photo editor. I use photography as a tool to create images. Ready shot images or images which I pick and work on to a finished photograph. I share my photo's in my social network, so Like me , Follow me, Circle me and Pin me! If you like to contact me personally, please do not hesitate! I can advice and answer questions about Photography and Photoshop (tips and tricks). Below you can click on the links to my webpages and social network sites.