Ram Levi

Cybersecurity Expert | Advisor to leading organizations on cybersecurity | Public Speaker

Founder and CEO of Konfidas, a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing on bridging business, technology and strategic aspects of cybersecurity.
Co-founder and director of London Cyber Security (LCS) a cybersecurity consulting firm dedicated to serving the global insurance markets and the wider risk management community. LCS specializes in rapid & extensive intelligence-based cybersecurity risk assessments.
Cybersecurity advisor to the National Council for Research and Development, Ministry of Science and Technology and Space.

Senior fellow at the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, Tel Aviv University.
Secretary of the Prime Minister's National Cyber Initiative Task Force that spearheaded the government resolution on establishing the National Cyber Bureau at the Prime Ministers’ Office.
Co-authored the report of President of Israel's committee on the Israeli National Space Policy, becoming Israel’s first national civilian space policy.

Contact & Lectures: info@konfidas.com