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Graham Raubvogel is a freelance director, writer, and editor.

During his early education in Burlington, Vermont, Graham developed a deep interest in Chinese language, history, and politics. This led him to Guangzhou, China, where he lived from 2011-2012, studying Mandarin and working with the non-profit organization ORBIS International, for which he directed three Chinese-language short films for public health education projects in rural Guangdong hospitals.

Graham has most recently written and directed commercials for The Topps Company. His editing credits include the trailer for Of Many, a Chelsea Clinton-produced documentary. He has served as an intern at Blue Collar Productions, a Los Angeles-based post production house, HashtagNYU, NYU's global digital community, and ChinaFile, an English-language, online magazine published by the Asia Society. In 2013, Graham co-wrote and directed a commercial for Momentum, NYU's $1 billion scholarship fundraising campaign. His short films and documentaries have been screened at festivals and won awards nationwide.

Graham currently majors in Film Production and East Asian studies as a junior at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (NYU). During the fall 2014 semester, he is serving as an intern for the BBC in London.