Ray Ronan

I fly and write, but not at the same time.

Fiction and Non Fiction, here are the titles I currently have.

Lethal Harvest, a medical legal thriller which is currently with an agent in the Big Apple.

Historian, is an historical paranormal thriller, set in WWII Dresden, Germany and I may inde publish that.

Sub C is one of my favorite projects and is a paranormal thriller set in Boston and is winging its way to publishers as we speak.

My latest book, The Work Around, is about halfway there and is an action, (some flying) techno-thriller.

On a serious note, Seconds To Disaster is a look at the darker corners of aviation. Written for the non-technical reader.

Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, Captain of the Miracle on the Hudson-

"Everyone who flies or cares about someone who flies should read this eye-opening account of the current state of commercial air travel. What you don't see can hurt you."