Raza Aziz

The Person In Me:

I am a passionate father to a beautiful little girl; a husband and when these ladies are not keeping me busy, I immerse myself in the world of transformation. I believe we are powerful, unique and purposeful individuals who find fullfillment in learning and serving others. It is with this context that I aim to help my personal and professional relationships.

The Professional In Me:

By profession I am a corporate trainer. My expertise are in the area of classroom and online delivery of training. Most of my experience has been in consulting, designing role-based training, and delivering in the HR/Payroll Sector (Sales & Service). I have a passion for education and this is delivered in a powerful way during my sessions. I value and recognize the value of relevant role-based training in corporate environment and its impact on the bottom line.

The Entrepreneur In Me:

A huge mind-shift took place after I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, many moons ago. My view on education, lifestyle, investments, and a passion for personal development was born. From this point onwards I have been part of many educational programs (both valuable and not so valuable); I have been part of my own ventures (successful and not-so successful); I have been part of a few investments (profitable and not-so profitable) and above all, I have gained immense knowledge through learning and applying my knowledge that I find great pride and joy in sharing, and giving back into my community.

My Stand:

I stand for self expression. Whether I am raising my little girl; dealing with a client; facilitating a sale; or purchasing a product; the background is always to facilitate and give space for mine and others self expression to rise. As we make choices; not to fill the void in our lives and out of fear; but as an expression of who we are; we find opportunities to benefit others.

How can I help?

Have you missed out on money, love or life experiences due to a lack of confidence?
Are you tired of not being paid what you're worth and living an UNDER-whelming life?

I am the author of my upcoming book titled The Performance Zone where I help you breakthrough barriers, blocks and B.S. to get what you want, when you want it by impacting your mental game. My area of expertise that you