Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas researches and writes on a variety of real estate based fixed- income alternatives including both publicly-traded and non-traded REITs. Given his background in originating income producing assets, Mr. Thomas has a broad background in capital markets. Mr. Thomas also writes weekly articles for Forbes, The Street, and Seeking Alpha where he maintains “real time” research on many of the equity REITs and REIT Mutual Funds. Mr. Thomas also writes a monthly newsletter, The Intelligent REIT Investor, with Forbes.

As a "life-long" student of Benjamin Graham (1894-1976), Mr. Thomas conducts all of his research, analytics, and writing based upon Mr. Graham’s principles and investment strategies. Mr. Thomas focuses his research on value investing and his primary objective is to determine whether “an investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis promises safety of principal and adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.” (Security Analysis - Ben Graham)

In addition to writing and lecturing, Mr. Thomas is a commercial real estate strategist, consultant and advisor. He is currently Senior Vice President at Bull Realty (Atlanta) and he was most recently Director of Strategic Markets for Embree Group and he was a Senior Vice President for Thompson National Properties, Phillips Edison, and Wilton Partners. Mr. Thomas was a partner in a regional development company and also a multi-unit franchisee for 2 International franchisors.

Mr. Thomas has also consulted for several equity REITs and he is currently a contributing author for Seeking Alpha and Forbes. Mr. Thomas has been a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina for over 24 years and he has provided Net Lease strategies for a variety of lecture and industry relevant forums. He maintains a current industry database of over 50 national retailers who are expanding facilities nationwide. Given his broad background in design, construction, development, finance, and capital markets, Mr. Thomas has become an expert in creating sustainability in the Net Lease industry. Mr. Thomas received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Economics from Presbyterian College and he has been a member of ICSC for over 24 years.