Reap Paden

Grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area CA. Raised by a deist and never was indoctrinated into any religion but learned about it through his father. Started doing internet radio (podcasting) and writing in 2007 mainly involving paranormal and skeptical subjects/issues. Around 2010 started focusing on atheism and the "atheist movement". Currently host of 3 radio/podcasts- ReapSowRadio, The Angry Atheist, and Modern Satanism. Also blogs (Reapercussions) and is involved in various media projects to help build a society based on reality instead of 2000 y/o nursery rhymes. Works to help promote skeptical thinking and expose those who would victimize others using supernatural claims. Serves as a satanic priest with The Satanic Temple (atheistic-satanism). Does not subscribe to the Anton LaVey/Peter Gilmore Church of Satan paid membership type of Satanism.