Rein More

Project Manager with Panache living in South Africa. Passionate about Philosophy, Physics, Psychology & Philanthrophy. Polish Blood.

Love Potatoes, Parodies, Piano music (Music in general), Pearls, Perfume, Picnics, the Pleiades & Pets (especially Pussycats...)

Pet Peeves: Phoney, Pretentious People. Pettyness. Philanderers. Politicians & People who don't think for themselves...People who believe themselves to be superior to others. Those who Pontificate.

Not a Particularly Patient Person! I Procrastinate a lot... I have little Pity-Parties every now and then but then realise how Precious life is, and I get back up on my Pony :-)

I dream of being a Professional Pirate. Just kidding. Dancer, actually. What I would give to dance for a living.

Periodically I get very serious and real.

In reality I'm just a Positive realist, really.