Every day you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide each day forward or backward.

You can start from scratch but you may need a mentor.

Someone may need to show you how to move and breathe in this new space.

There are Three types of Mentors

1. Direct. Someone who is in front of you who will show you how they did it.
2. Indirect. Books. Movies. You can outsource 90 percent of mentorship to books and other materials. Two hundred good books equal one good mentor. People ask me, what is a good book to read? There are hundreds of good books. I would throw in inspirational books. Whatever your beliefs are read through them every day.
3. Your higher self. If you have the passion to reinvent then everything you look at will be a metaphor for what you want to do. The tree you see, with roots and underground water that feeds it is a metaphor for computer programming if you connect the dots. And everything you look at will help you connect the dots.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a passion for anything.
You have passion for your health. Start there and take baby steps. Do what you love and success will be a natural symptom.