Wong Renhao

I am

Renhao, aka Farinelli, 23, male (in case you were wondering), a PR AE, a photographer, a techie, a geek, a semi-audiophile, right-handed writer, left-handed everything-else, selectively ambidexterous, kinda fat.

I like

photography, crafting communications, gadgets, cameras, Star Wars, lightsabers, anime, music, classical, opera, blues, jazz, rock, hard rock, prog rock, post rock, metal, death metal, black metal, SNSD, Yuri, gaming, coffee, reading.

I play

the guitar, the piano, pool, poker, mahjong, racing games, with words.

I own

a 2008 unibody Macbook Pro, an iPhone 4, a Canon EOS 7D, a EOS 350D IR-converted, a Nikon FM, a SuperHeadz ultra wide angle, an XBox 360, a lefty Maestro acoustic guitar, a lefty SX Strat copy, a Master Replica Skywalker RotJ lightsaber.