Rey Tamayo

I live and breathe work, then when I am not working I breathe and live relaxation. I am extreme about both. I have a lovely wife that looks like a supermodel, at least that is what others say ;) and I am very happy overall.

I may not have tons of money but I am rich in life. Now here is my shameless commercial plug lol. I am a Hubspot University Certified Inbound Marketing Graduate and they even popularized the term inbound marketing so it is a big deal!  Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, specifically Blogging and Micro-blogging are my forte. started in 2002 to meet the needs of SMBs, primarily in the areas of web development, printing, and video production. As the internet has evolved into a very social content rich media our affordable and comprehensive media package has evolved into for content marketing and social network marketing. Content marketing is more than writing blogs and posting to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and others. Content creation is also more then content curation, it involves all forms of media and includes video production which is becoming as important as Facebook and other social networks. Our professional content creation solutions are designed for busy small to medium size businesses who do not have the time or resources but do have the need to engage in social networking.

As for fun, I like to play chess, I read comic strips religiously each day, and I like spending time with my wife. We are indoor people so watching TV or surfing the net together is just fine by us. Although she is more social, I am not so this is my perfect life, just her and me together. Of course I also like to travel and so does she, so I plan to take her to as many places as possible! Like me when she decides to do something she accomplishes and we are perfectly compatible in that as well.

I also write and have published two books and I am working on others. The books are vanity books about my life, but I do them for fun more than for sales! I am a happy go lucky guy most of the time and I feel blessed by life, it has not given me a great deck of cards to play with but it has given me the skill to pay my poor hand well and it has given me the gift of knowing joy in my life!