Hey! Well, basically I'm a christian guy who likes tech, health, some graphic design, create and eat food, nature-related stuff, health and fitness, bodybuilding (more recently) and likes to drink Cappuccino and Iced Tea at times!

I'm a real fan of outdoors and nature-related activities, so I'm up to going hiking or walking or camping. I have a big interest in photography, which I hope to become better at it at some point.

In a future I'm planning to become a doctor. Now I'm a freshman in Saint Peter's University, working on a major in Biology. I have many goals to accomplish in my life and I will make an effort to make them real.

I want to develop myself in many areas. I want to be a polyglot and be able to speak multiple languages to work and treat many people around the world without language barriers.

Feel free to message me anytime!