Jorge R. Flores

Hey there! Well, basically I'm a normal christian guy who likes tech, health, some graphic design, create and eat food, nature-related stuff and loves so much Cappuccino!

I have a blog called "RF's Blog" on that I opened in August 2008. I try to keep up with the lastest in web/tech stuff, using the stuff I can afford. I'm a real fan of nature-related activities. The more I can help, the better.

I have a big interest in photography, specially the landscape photography and portrait photography. I'm planning on taking a course of photography in a future.

I'm learning Russian online at In a future I'm planning to become a doctor. I'm doing my best to get out of school (studying of course) and enter college. I have many goals to accomplish in my life and I will make an effort to make them real.

I want to develop not only in Medicine, but also in music, photography, cooking, computer stuff and web stuff. I want to be a polyglot and be able to speak more languages, not only the ones I know (Spanish [Native] and English) or the one I'm learning (Russian); I want to learn German, Italian, French and other languages.