Ric Dizon

After more than 10 years, Ric still burns with an unquenchable passion for uncovering new listing tactics, marketing strategies, and discovering unique techniques to sell your home—allowing him to often sell Long Beach and Orange County Community homes far faster than most agents with twice the experience. A master of his trade, Ric is more than just a passionate about real estate agent—he is renowned as the residential expert clients' in Long Beach and Orange County Communities turn to when they are ready to identify the financially sound home loan solutions that propel them toward their financial goals. With unbridled energy, uncanny focus, unwavering ethics, and unbreakable trust, Ric Dizon effortlessly garners his Aloha Spirit, an ocean-deep knowledge of real estate marketing technologies, and quick-wit to easily solve your most stressful real estate challenges

When not working, Ric can be found joining his beautiful Ku'uipo and Real Estate expert, Pamela Dizon, as they kayak, stand-up paddleboard, hike, workout (Pamela is NASM certified Personal Trainer) and explore the hippest new joints in Long Beach and Orange County—and ever so often, journeying to Hawaii so he can achieve balance, renew his zest for life, and bring back clients more of his infamous Aloha Spirit.