Richelle Sibolboro

I am a communications strategist who specializes in transmedia storytelling. I translate culture into thought-provoking narratives, predicting the events of tomorrow into stories for today. I hedge my instincts and leverage my diverse background to navigate multiple platforms, generating insights on future trends. I have a passion for communication and believe design has the ability to both provoke and inspire change.

Throughout my career, I have worked to stretch what a designer can do. I have collaborated with diverse professionals to execute innovative ideas to become a new breed of designer, demanding leadership, forward thinking and vision. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, an awareness of complex global issues and an artisan aesthetic for customization and personalization.

I have traveled to the remote areas of South American to the dense metropolitan centres in Europe, providing insight into consumer trends and current affairs. I have interviewed influencers in the fields of architecture, design and entertainment focusing on social ingenuity. It has led me to continually evolve and ask the probing questions:
Who am I? What does it mean? How can I make a difference?

The following links are a reflection and response to these questions. They are an attempt to inspire the human spirit to think big and dream beyond what is imaginable - that design can be used as a creative catalyst to solve the challenges we face.