Rick Robinson

I got my start in newspapers and magazines, learning how to write to be read. After a few years as editor of BBS Magazine in the early '90s I helped innovate online journalism for Digital City and America Online, where I later cofounded and ran product and content for AOL Mobile. AOL Community Products was next - running services such as blogs, chat, message boards, home pages, groups, realtime social search. I spent time helping Webs.com transition to better products and raising membership then led product and content for Sprint 4G services called XOHM. Mobile broadband caught my interest beyond Sprint and Clearwire leading me to Malaysia to help develop plans for products and content for a nationwide network. Back in the U.S. I got involved with assisting startups, writing about GeoX for "Street Fight" and bringing social-local-mobile to federal agencies via Blue Beacon Consulting. Next up was Senior Vice President, Digital Products & Content at National Geographic and now I'm Chief Product Officer for Urgent.ly ... Oh, I'm not as blurry in person.