Ricky Li

Has handled photography, videography, and social media for Governor Abercrombie in Hawai`i. After 2 years of serving that role in some form or another, he decided to try something different. As such, he quit working for Governor, and moved from Honolulu to Seattle.

Looking to find something that combines, his expertise in social media, photography & network engineering. While he admittedly perfers that it be more of the first two, and not so much network engineering.

As a network engineer, he headed up projects that saved his employer over $80,000 in reoccuring costs, while increasing the functionality of the systems involved. All of that, while redesigning & integrating mulitiple disparate networks, into a single cohesive network that allowed his employer to become agile enough to weather the instability of the 2ks.

He has photo'ed governors, presidents, senators, nobel laureates, models & artists. Thru various fund raising events raised approx $3000 for charity, all with little lead time (less than 1 week). Spent a month with the artists, photographing the progress of the biggest mural ever painted in Hawai`i and survived a literal tsunami as the social media person, getting accurate messaging out, while calming fears by directing people to the correct sources of information during the October 2012 tsunami.