Riya Varma

I am a Globally Certified Image and Etiquette Consultant with over 13 years of experience in training, coaching and a budding Entrepreneur.

I am based in Mumbai, India and I work and support both domestic and global organizations on strategic initiatives surrounding Image, Etiquette and Motivational issues. I have been quoted extensively in national and international publications as well as on social media resources platform.


I have extensive experience in training and coaching for Corporates and Individuals and continue to do so. I'm a self-made Entrepreneur and lead my brand in the Image and Etiquette Industry. Motivational Training is my
true passion.

From an Image perspective I specialise in Makeovers and Motivational Sessions which bring about internal and external transformation Employees working in Global Organisations. The Image Sessions include customised Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis, wardrobe consultation, simple and effective makeup techniques. I also share fashion faux pas that you can avoid.

My Workshops help inspire confidence in Leaders and wannabe Leaders, which help them do business effortlessly, locally and globally.

As a certified Global Etiquette Consultant, I provide consultation on Global Dining Protocols and Wine Etiquette which are extremely popular. I deliver Business Etiquette Programs for employees of some of the top Organisations, where they learn about International Business Protocols, Social Media Etiquette, Email Etiquette.

I also specialises in Team Building techniques and Developing Leadership Capabilities across all levels of the Organisation.

The Programs are effective for all kinds of Industries like hospitality, Financial, Telecom, Customer Services, Chemical, Real Estate and any other Industry that depends on Human capital to deliver the company's bottom-lines.


I am a voracious writer who is currently authoring a book.
I'm extremely active on all Social Media Platforms across the globe that involves Entrepreneurship and Motivation.

I know there's a lot on my platter, however nothing's impossible!

Connect with me: http://xeeme.com/riyavarma