Randal Hale

I'm the owner and operator of North River Geographic Systems, Inc. NRGS is a consulting company that operates in the southeastern United States (or where ever you are). What do I do: Take your data and locate it on a map. NRGS provides support for your geographic information system or projects. NRGS works with both Open Source (QGIS, PostGIS, Geoserver) and Commercial (ESRI Software, Fulcrum) No project too small - some are too big. Advice is free. We ultimately believe the best thing for your GIS isn't the software - it's the process. If you can develop that you don't need an ever expanding budget for the next big software purchase.

For fun....oh.....Hike, Canoe, and take care of a few cats, and just try to enjoy myself as much as possible. Life is way too short to do otherwise

Got a question? Need some help or advice on a project? Want to hear a terrible joke? Track me down.

Want to take the Intro to QGIS Onine? http://www.northrivergeographic.com/training