Richard Joerges

I love to enable companies, persons and organisations to create smart digital experiences and reveal their brand-power through social media, word-of-mouth marketing, story telling and content marketing.

Background: I started my career as a journalist, moved soon into management at several publishing companies and now I am a digital experience and social media evangelist, consultant, speaker (sorry, only in German) and blogger.

My focus is on how corporations can communicate in the age of context effectively and how to build convincing digital experiences for better branding and sales. I also love to advise companies about inbound marketing and content marketing strategies, especially about blogging, social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and web strategy in general. Small and medium-sized b2b companies are especially welcome.

Also I have a strong bias towards: Apple, Mac and iOS-related products, cloud and mobile computing, information management and IT in general.