Romulo Cholewa
  • Who: the guy in the photo. knows how to adapt and evolve, works with technology (and loves it), uses the 'net a lot. takes photos, drives fast and collects gadgets as a hobby. you may find him drinking coffee while working or working out / partying hard on spare time, somewhere in the northeast of Brazil.
  • What: IT consultant, technical formation, working as an experienced sales manager for the Northeast of Brazil in the biggest technology company in the World
  • Where: virtually everywhere. The 'net knows no boundaries. But you have some links around this profile available, that might give better clues.
  • When: the first google hit on my name dates back from eleven years ago, but my first contact with IT was way back, around the 90's. Sorry Google, you were not around at the time. Maybe altavista.
  • How: casually, with a bit of dry and sarcastic humor, most of the time.
  • Contact info:
    romulo at hp dot com / +55 81 81898221