Rolando Murillo

I'm a web designer, that means that I'm comfortable with HTML, CSS, JS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Haml, Sass, Jinja2, Coffeescript, Ruby and Python development. I can help you with your ExpressionEngine website as well.

Background: UbaloCherryPy, Parachutes, Mesaslibres, CPS Perú, La Mula, Yachay, EpicTFPAurealiStore and many others. Some of these are no longer running my designs or contributions, but that's okay.

Projects: I used to have some stuff on Github, but the only thing I could brag for is Coleure, a color picker you should really try.

I'm currently working full-time at Catchafire but you can reach me at

Beautiful background illustration belongs to this set of artwork.