Robbo Fitzgibbons

What type of DJ do you have when he loves music more than money, has over 20 years of professional experience, is persistent, patient and with talent?

You have Robb Fitzgibbons aka DJ ROBB-O.

A DJ that has continued to work through every change of music and has the ageless ability to perform for any clientele.

“I want the people to enjoy me and the music, my goal is to entertain everyone in the room. That is the reason why i am deejaying.”

Currently Robb is producing for various artist and has produced four releases in 2014 along with his own group called EINSTEIN, a modern electronic jazz group formed with vocalist LaVeda Davis. Their current single “JUST A LITTLE HELP” was released on South African label LILAC JEAN. The song has been well received and on the radar of significant deejays in the deep house community.

Besides production Robb's goal remains to entertain and continues to play events as they are offered. At present he is being considered for a residency at the new HORSESHOE CASINO in Baltimore.