Robby Barthelmess

Hello, I’m Robby Barthelmess; photographer by trade, philosopher by education. I am 24 years old living in Seattle.

In the world of photography, I am specifically interested in photojournalism and everything that surrounds it.

In the domain of philosophy, I am specifically interested in ethics, world religions, theology, the philosophy of language, a little bit of metaphysics, and political philosophy.

For the basics: I love reading, writing, photographing, video-capturing (no, I don’t mean importing…), thinking, iced chai, Apple products, iPhone photography, unhealthy food, coffee, the combination of black and red colors, moleskines, continuity, argument, wide angle lenses, sporks, Immanuel Kant, TV series, beer/wine tasting and towers on houses…

I graduated from UCLA in June of 2012 with a bachelor's degree in philosophy.