Robert Howe

Father of a beautiful daughter, Jasmine, step-father to the darling Kim Anh and husband to a wonderful wife - she edited this before I uploaded ;-)

Living in Barcelona, Spain, I work as an applications engineer for a 3D medical imaging company. The work is interesting and varied and I'm fortunate to be working with talented and honest people.

I have a lifelong interest in technology and nature and am excited about the potential for technology to make our world a cleaner, greener, more liveable place for my daughters. I do my best by remote working which allows me to live car free for the last few years.

Recent travel highlights include Barcelona - which is why we've returned - and the 2 1/2 years I spent with my family in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Other than family, travel and technology I love frisbee, swimming, cycling and walking. Just started skating again and live in a beautiful part of town near Arc de Triomf which is ideal to get more practice in.

Feel free to get in touch to chat or to bounce around some ideas :-)